Liselotte Watkins for Granit

The fashion illustrator Liselotte Watkins has made a small collection for the Swedish interior brand Granit. The collection consists of boxes, hangers, lights, a bag and a poster and will be released this spring!
Liselotte Watkins.
Scented candles.
Images: Granit

Merry Christmas


An apple a day keeps the doctor away!



This is an illustration of an outfit from Chanel.

Elsa Billgren - Elle

Elsa Billgren has a wonderful blog for Swedish Elle. She has a competition for a new header for the blog and I'm a finalist! You can see the entries and vote here. My contribution above is a mix of flowers, lace, vintage and Paris!


These illustrations are from my grandmothers old magazines. The magazine is called Freja and these pictures were published in 1880! I think they are wonderful! Imagine going dressed like that!   

Pastel Blue Hair

Happy Valentine's Day


I have done a book cover with this pattern of Agapanthus. It's my grandmother and grandfather, who has written a book where they talk about their lives and adventures in Sweden and Africa.


I have seen the exhibition "Mode utan midja" a second time at Malmö museums. I was there with some friends who had not seen it before. The exhibition focuses on the 1920's and includes clothing, drawings, paintings and accessories. These paintings were part of the exhibition.

Happy New Year!

1920's Bride

I have borrowed some magazines and illustrations from my grandmother that she got from her mother. This bride illustration is published in "Allers Mönstertidning" from 1923. I have scanned it and made some color changes in Photoshop. I really like the clothes and the illustrations from the 1920's!    

Happy Birthday Sister!


Summer perfume

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