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I have created a new header for my sister's blog.



Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas

Evening dress

Fashion in the 1920s

Me and a friend went to see the exibition ”Mode utan midja” at Malmö museer. The exhibition consists of clothes, fashion illustrations, paintings and other items from the 1920’s. It was a nice collection so go and see it if you have the possibility! 

A wall of beautiful fashion illustrations.

A big illustration on a wall outside the museum.



You can now read a small interview with me on Ida Pyk's blog!

Elle - Ida Pyk


I have been working on a small project for Ida Pyk. Ida lives in Paris and she is a writer, model and designer. She is blogging for Elle and I have created the new header for the blog! It has been a fun project and you can now finally see the finished result on:

In the shadows

Dancing in the night


Happy Birthday Sister!

Cupcakes & Macaroons

On the way


Wedding dress

Ida Pyk from had a contest where you could design a wedding dress for her sister who is getting married this summer. You can see my and others' contribution here: If you want, feel free to vote for my wedding dress!


I got a nice gift from my dear friends; Lovisa Burfitt's illustrated porcelain for Rörstrand. Underneath: Watkins' Box of Pin Ups by Liselotte Watkins.

A day in the park

Crazy outfit

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